Strategies to win at roulette game

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 Useful tips on how to make the difference at the tables and how easily to win at roulette

As you may already know, roulette is a gambling game where the odds of winning are based entirely on chance. However, while there is no way to guarantee wins in every game session, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning money at online roulette. Find out some useful tips on how to make the difference at the tables and how to win at roulette the easy and discreet way!

What bets should you avoid to be sure of winning at roulette?

If you want to know how to win at roulette and make as much money as possible from your games, you first need to look at the types of bets to favour and those to avoid. And yes, some bets promise you a huge roulette win, but are they the ones to favour? Let’s look at some examples.

As you know, you win based on the odds of the number you bet on coming up, regardless of the 0 or 00. So, if you choose to bet on a single number, the odds of that number coming up are 35 to 1. So, in this case, you will be paid 35 times your original bet. But are your chances of winning roulette with this type of bet worth the risk? To help you see this more clearly, we have provided the winning percentages for each type of bet in this table.

Winning at the casino on roulette with the payout ratio

Among the techniques for roulette, the one that consists in choosing your machine according to its rate of return to the player (or redistribution rate) is not to be neglected. And yes, now that you know how to win at the casino on roulette, you need to understand how to maximize your winnings by choosing your games carefully.

You may not know it, but game publishers set up their machines in different ways, so they don’t all offer the same chances of winning. Therefore, you should select games that exceed 98% FIT as much as possible. This means that 98% of the money spent by the participants is paid out to the players in the form of winnings. By choosing your game well in the first place, you can boost your bankroll effortlessly!

Increase your chances of winning at roulette by choosing the right variant

American Roulette is a variant of the Queen of Casinos which, in addition to having a 0 box, also has a 00 box, unlike European or English Roulette for example, which only have a 0.

Roulette bets pay according to the number of numbers on the wheel, not counting 0’s. So the fewer 0’s on the wheel, the easier it is to win at roulette. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take this factor into account when choosing your variant so that it does not penalize you in your quest for winnings. And yes, knowing how to win at roulette also means knowing how to carefully select the most profitable variants.

Is using the martingale at an online casino roulette wheel the best option?

If you’re used to playing roulette, you’ve probably already heard of systems and other martingales. These tricks are said to be miraculous and they influence the amount of your bets in order to maximise your chances of winning.

In fact, to use the martingale on online casino roulette, you will have to double your bet every time you lose a round. This would, in theory, allow you to make up for your losses at the beginning of the game by betting bigger and bigger until you win your bet. In reality, these systems are very perilous and can be absolutely devastating to your bankroll. So, the next time someone tells you about martingales, Paroli or Labouchère systems, grab your legs and run away!

Furthermore, it is important to note that these betting techniques are strictly forbidden at most online casinos. If you are caught, the casino may simply close your account for non-compliance. All the more reason not to rely on these tricks to win money. Especially since there are many other valuable tips that will help you understand how to win at online roulette…


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